Loft & Basement Conversions Cape Town

Even though your loft or basement might seem like just some random useless space in your house, it is not. By letting our trained building professionals provide you with the best loft conversions Cape Town has ever seen, you will discover that there is much that can be done to enhance the appearance of a mere loft or basement. If all you need is a conversion, our expert interior decorators will use different forms of furnishing to give that extra space a touch of style and increased functionality.

loft and basement conversions cape town

Every successful basement or loft conversion must be done with a plan in mind. To ensure that we start working with a viable plan, we will send a team of professionals to evaluate your loft before setting out to do the actual conversions. We will take into consideration the intent, size of the loft in terms of head clearance, pitch angle and the overall layout of your home so that we come up with the most suitable design.

Whilst most lofts will work with a mere touch of interior design work, depending on your requirements, we might extend the available space in order to create enough room. Since our company specializes in both conversion and loft extension Cape Town services, we will also help you make safe and affordable loft or basement extensions meant to create that extra space that you need to achieve your dream. Contact our team for your basement excavation needs.

Converting your basement from that cramped and unfurnished space into a place you can call an office, bedroom or entertainment room without an expert’s touch is not that easy. For over 40 years, we have gathered the necessary skills and employed qualified personnel needed to ensure that all basement conversions Cape Town residents need are easily turned into reality. Get in touch with our experts today and we will help you make the very best out of your current home.