About Us

Our company was formed over 5 decades ago as a small family run business providing building repairs and general maintenance to the local businesses and residents of the Cape Town area. Through consistent development, investment and growth, the Du Toit family name is now one that stands out in the construction industry as being one of the best and most respected firms in the industry and one that is heavily relied on by many as the premier choice for all their building requirements.

Since we first began, the company has not only grown in size but also in the range of building services that we offer, to ensure that our clients get a complete turnkey solution to their requirements. Jacques du Toit took over at the helm of the business roughly 20 years ago and since doing so has proved time and time again that his skills and attention to detail are second to none. His love for architecture and background in building design has helped bring the company into modern times and through vast investment into the team and the tradespeople that work with us, creating, restoring and renovating both new and old buildings has become second nature. Jacques also plays a very hands on role during the construction phase and is closely regarded as one of the best builders in the industry whereby his professionalism, keen eye for detail and ability to manage budgets well is respected.

Our professional building firm is able to work effectively with all other trades during projects. We have on site management personnel that will ensure the timely delivery of a project and with our budget control and ability to source the best materials at the lowest costs, we have become the premier choice for Cape Town’s building needs.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer and working with you in the future. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, queries, design ideas or requirements you may have now or if you need advice on a future build project. Simply give the team a call on 021 300 3621

By Jacques du Toit, Architect and Master Builder